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Design by 090FACTORY
of the ordinary
All around us we are surrounded by the 'ordinary'.
The 'ordinary' constantly shines throughout our everyday lives,
090factory plans to remind you of the beauty of this light through our unique perspective.
Everything in the world is beautiful.
Creative mines of the world
This blue Rejina Pyo cropped turtleneck jumper mightseem slightly out of
proportion but what with this being our good friend Rejina,
you know for a fact that not a stitch is out of place.
Creative mines of the world
2020 A/W Collection
[ My Time ]
Indeed, I shouted "It's already Friday" three or four times and August passed.
I feel much faster these days. Come to think of it,
The fact that it is eternal but not forever for me suddenly struck my heart.
Just passing time, I'd like to keep him, but...

something that can't be done That's why it's more beautiful.
I leave my body to this fast-flowing thing again today.
Forever but not to me, Time
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